Berchtold Harris has its own team to execute your vision from conception to completion. Because of the all-in-one approach, you are spending less money on the layers of profit required by the traditional way of hiring different specialists. With Berchtold Harris, you can build your home or remodel your existing home in less time because each member of the Berchtold Harris team is aware of what the other is doing. The typical mistakes and cost overruns are avoided. The blaming game that exists in all parts of construction doesn’t exist. Our team executes on a plan both insynctly and efficiently and we never sit idle. Time is money to you and it is never wasted with Berchtold Harris.

Call us the modern day ‘Butler for Hire’ in design and construction. We take care of it all. We design your dream home or dream remodel, we provide Architectural and Engineering drawings, we expedite city approvals, we manage construction and budget, and we make sure every detail every day is executed to your specification.

More importantly, we leave you the time and space to inspire your dreams, and we help you to tap into your own design intuition. We can guide you to be bolder. Or we can guide you to live more harmoniously. We find your potential, and we give you the confidence to walk on the road less traveled in your own style.