Berchtold Harris Is Known For Its Distinct Aesthetic Boutique Design

Berchtold Harris is known for its distinct aesthetic boutique design—balancing the classic and contemporary—and their work across hospitality and restaurant design to help their clients convey their brand destination beautifully. 


Berchtold Harris blends both exterior & interior architecture and furniture design to create high-style boutique hotels and restaurants.  Our full range of interior architecture and interior design services includes conceptual design, schematic design, design development, space planning and floor plans, permitting, construction documents. 

Located in Beverly Hills, CA, the firm surrounds itself with the cultural influences and resources that are unique to Southern California.  By maintaining great relationships with local fabricators and artisans, Berchtold Harris ensures a thorough, hands-on approach for all built elements in order to meet the needs of each client and create successful and lasting spaces.

One of the many strengths of Berchtold Harris Design is our own furniture design and production. We offer a wide variety of custom and customizable furniture design.  From design drawings to fabrication, our designs and craftsmen make it simple to create the perfect custom pieces for your next project.

New Shade of Blu in the City of Angels

The best kept secret is, there's a new shade of Blu in Los Angeles. The first of many Blu interior remodels are soon to be unveiled to new dwellers in search of sublime living in the city of angels.  Located in the heart of midtown Wilshire, steps from Beverly Hills, the luxury boutique residence, known as Blu has been taken under the wings of Berchtold Harris as they seamlessly blend the integrity of neo classic with a twist of chic elegance and sophisticated design sensibility. The upholstered Berchtold Harris custom designed furniture covered in urbane men’s suiting fabric with red stitch details, has become a signature staple unique to the dynamic duo making their mark in hospitality design. Stay tuned for the total Berchtold Harris transformation, soon to be revealed. 

From the Streets of Montecarlo to the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles.

From the streets of Montecarlo to the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Miami restaurateur, Stefano Frittella, part of the Monaco Restaurant Group, brings Angelenos, Avenue 31, a popular Monaco-based hotspot of the same name. Word from designers, Berchtold Harris, this location will have its own exquisite flare, inspired by both European and Classical influences.

Berchtold Harris is known to create one of a kind, talk-ed about atmospheres and statements throughout Los Angeles whether it is a luxury home, restaurant or a rooftop pool and lounge.  Dialing in on the temperament and style that will draw a distinct and targeted Sunset Plaza clientele into an establishment is the platform from which Berchtold Harris draws.

A series of eating spaces are defined by wood, marble, and brass elements that work at a very intimate scale for dining enveloped by both east and west views of the plaza. The larger dining space is divided by wood elements into two smaller areas further defined by antique boat light fixtures suspended overhead. In the main seating area, wooden beams directly correlate with the floor finishes below to delineate two specific seating zones. Designed to match the adjacent black panelling, black & white marble tiling outline all Berchtold Harris one-of-a kind custom designed built sofas, tables and plush seating.

Located within the restaurant, the London influenced bar and lounge features a marbletop wood bar with a floor to ceiling LED lit backbar, bar seating, and custom bar furniture, tuft with brass buttons and horseshoe hooks.

To reflect the surrounding Angeleno landscape, Berchtold Harris chose natural materials—wood beams envelope both the entry and main dining space where, walnut floors and paneled walls, small-scale detailing, and rough edges on custom build chairs, zinc table tops and wood evoke naturally occurring textures.

Expect Higher Level Living in Beverly Hills

Imagine an apartment sanctuary where 5-Star living is not a luxury; it's an expectation. Berchtold Harris is re-inventing Blü into an exceptionally designed, for-lease high-rise residence living.  Redesign will offer Beverly Hills most discerning clients a "Five Star" experience to include one & two bedroom deluxe suites, stunning Beverly Hills ‘London Style’ furnished Penthouse suites.

Berchtold Harris sophisticated design and accomadations feature fully-equipped gourmet kitchens, custom contemporary furnishings, and full city views. Property amenities include a esquisite lobby with a cafe/lounge area serving coffee & tea in the morning & cocktails to unwind in the evening.

Dream Kitchen Transcends Studio Exec's Expectations

“I’ve been through some crazy post production schedules, but to produce a designer kitchen in record time was an unbelievable experience of a lifetime.”  Twentieth Century Fox Executive, Ted Gagliano went to designers, Berchtold Harris to transform his Hollywood Hills home into a modern mastery commenting the transformation was beyond his expectations.

When Ted first saw the design for the kitchen, they realized how unique and modern their house could be.  Adding to the uniqueness, Samantha Harris created a custom formula with a chemist for Ted’s one-of-a-kind Milky Way entrance and kitchen floor.  ‘I was inspired by my imagination of what it might feel like to walk on a floor that looked like a glass of milk was just poured over it.’  Creating a design inspired by imagination is the only way Samantha feeds her passion for creating ‘out of the box results.’  And the positive reaction from the homeowners when they first saw the floor said it all.

The interior of the home had to be completed for a special birthday party with travelers from all over the world.  To Samantha and Julie, there was no option of a delay.

“We created this incredibly difficult schedule with our contractors requesting the party must go on,” smiled Samantha, “Our specialty crews were working on top of each other and wewere asking for sacrifices from everybody on the team,” adds her partner, Julie Berchtold. Realizing how important it was to Ted and his partner, the dynamic duo delivered beyond their imagination.

The exterior renovation isn’t scheduled to be finished until late spring which will be just in time for a large charity fundraising event.

Dancing With The Stars at Home

You don’t have to be outside of LA to enjoy the country. Berchtold Harris designs a brilliant country sunroom and lush fountain garden for Dancing With The Stars producer, and Emmy Award winning casting director, Valoree and John Papsidera. Prior to getting ready for an all-new season of quicksteps and hot paced salsa dancing, Valoree and John called upon Samantha and Julie to transform their home into a classic cottage serene getaway tucked deep within the Hollywood Hills.

Combining classic décor with casual comfort, designer Samantha Harris was determined to transform the house into a peaceful and tranquil home. The wall-to-wall windows are the ‘Star’ of the room until you gaze outside across the limestone embedded stone design and rest your eyes on the one of a kind fenced fountain garden.

Purposely designed with pen to paper, Berchtold Harris brings back tradition with art and style. Long before the construction began, Samantha sketched her vision. From casual sketches to the intricate architectural drawing, and another Berchtold Harris design emerges.

Both Julie and Samantha felt a fountain garden would add a distinct element of nature entwined with elegance. “The added element of water can transcend and enhance any environment,” mentions Samantha and Julie. “Our greatest achievement is to know that our clients can escape the hectic world of their work lives and dance under the stars in their own designer home.”