Dream Kitchen Transcends Studio Exec's Expectations

“I’ve been through some crazy post production schedules, but to produce a designer kitchen in record time was an unbelievable experience of a lifetime.”  Twentieth Century Fox Executive, Ted Gagliano went to designers, Berchtold Harris to transform his Hollywood Hills home into a modern mastery commenting the transformation was beyond his expectations.

When Ted first saw the design for the kitchen, they realized how unique and modern their house could be.  Adding to the uniqueness, Samantha Harris created a custom formula with a chemist for Ted’s one-of-a-kind Milky Way entrance and kitchen floor.  ‘I was inspired by my imagination of what it might feel like to walk on a floor that looked like a glass of milk was just poured over it.’  Creating a design inspired by imagination is the only way Samantha feeds her passion for creating ‘out of the box results.’  And the positive reaction from the homeowners when they first saw the floor said it all.

The interior of the home had to be completed for a special birthday party with travelers from all over the world.  To Samantha and Julie, there was no option of a delay.

“We created this incredibly difficult schedule with our contractors requesting the party must go on,” smiled Samantha, “Our specialty crews were working on top of each other and wewere asking for sacrifices from everybody on the team,” adds her partner, Julie Berchtold. Realizing how important it was to Ted and his partner, the dynamic duo delivered beyond their imagination.

The exterior renovation isn’t scheduled to be finished until late spring which will be just in time for a large charity fundraising event.