From the Streets of Montecarlo to the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles.

From the streets of Montecarlo to the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Miami restaurateur, Stefano Frittella, part of the Monaco Restaurant Group, brings Angelenos, Avenue 31, a popular Monaco-based hotspot of the same name. Word from designers, Berchtold Harris, this location will have its own exquisite flare, inspired by both European and Classical influences.

Berchtold Harris is known to create one of a kind, talk-ed about atmospheres and statements throughout Los Angeles whether it is a luxury home, restaurant or a rooftop pool and lounge.  Dialing in on the temperament and style that will draw a distinct and targeted Sunset Plaza clientele into an establishment is the platform from which Berchtold Harris draws.

A series of eating spaces are defined by wood, marble, and brass elements that work at a very intimate scale for dining enveloped by both east and west views of the plaza. The larger dining space is divided by wood elements into two smaller areas further defined by antique boat light fixtures suspended overhead. In the main seating area, wooden beams directly correlate with the floor finishes below to delineate two specific seating zones. Designed to match the adjacent black panelling, black & white marble tiling outline all Berchtold Harris one-of-a kind custom designed built sofas, tables and plush seating.

Located within the restaurant, the London influenced bar and lounge features a marbletop wood bar with a floor to ceiling LED lit backbar, bar seating, and custom bar furniture, tuft with brass buttons and horseshoe hooks.

To reflect the surrounding Angeleno landscape, Berchtold Harris chose natural materials—wood beams envelope both the entry and main dining space where, walnut floors and paneled walls, small-scale detailing, and rough edges on custom build chairs, zinc table tops and wood evoke naturally occurring textures.