Word from designers, Berchtold Harris, Ave 31 will have its own exquisite flare, inspired by both European and Classical influences.


Berchtold Harris is known to create one of a kind, talk-ed about atmospheres and statements throughout Los Angeles whether it is a luxury home, restaurant or a rooftop pool and lounge.  Dialing in on the temperament and style that will draw a distinct and targeted Sunset Plaza clientele into an establishment is the platform from which Berchtold Harris draws.


The joy of living is the centerpiece in expressing Berchtold Harris ideology of architecture and informal style of California modernism.


 Newly constructed in late May, and partnered for success, Berchtold Harris design will feature walls of glass offering breathtaking views of the home's natural landscape. Berchtold Harris finest details and prime location present an excellent opportunity to own one of the most significant architectural homes in Los Angeles. Construction is scheduled to be completed by September 2015.


Inspired by the contemporary lifestyle of Los Angeles, Berchtold Harris reimagines high-end living with a 360 view.


 Thoughtfully designed and expertly built, Berchtold Harris will re-introduce BLU of Beverly Hills as prime luxurious living on Wilshire. Tenants and their guests will be treated with floor to ceiling glass and panoramic views of the famed cityscape. Located stories above the horizon, Berchtold Harris will redefine BLU's footprint among its towering neighbors. The walk in lobby lounge will showcase original custom designed BH furniture and finishings. Project will be completed by end of summer 2015.


Berchtold Harris is building a one of a kind contemporary architectural retreat with expansive ocean views.


 With a spacious Berchtold Harris free-flowing design and spacious living and dining spaces throughout, the wonderful 12,000 square foot floor plan will be flooded with light yet offering the privacy that can only be achieved by being one of the very limited number of homes in view. Construction scheduled to be completed by September 2015.