Julie Berchtold & Samantha Harris create one-of-a-kind home living & lifestyle experiences.

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Berchtold Harris designs & builds beautiful modern residential & commercial dream spaces. 



From Beverly Hills to France, we've designed comfortable and livable homes for families and investors of all calibers.   We're trained to use space efficiently, offer all the newest trends and products available. We spend time with each client to determine their specific needs, priorities and budget.


We create one of a kind and talk-ed about atmospheres and statements throughout Los Angeles whether its a luxury home, restaurant, or a rooftop pool and lounge. Dialing in on the temperament and style that draws a distinct and targeted clientele. 


Berchtold Harris has the experience to identify a property’s upside potential and measure the cost vs. return ratio to identify the degree of renovation and design required. We focus on crafting unique projects for each client with our knowledge of the market and projects that will make for a successful investment.