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Our rich experience in the real estate market blended with our building experience allows us to zero-in on the property that will net the highest return on your investment.


Berchtold Harris has its own team to execute your investment opportunity from conception to completion. The three primary factors Berchtold Harris uses to establish a high-yield investment is the property location, the anticipated average days on the market when the product/house is finished, and the net return after expenses. We know the most desirable locations in Los Angeles for profit potential. 

Berchtold Harris has been able to attract and command higher than expected returns.  For example, Berchtold Harris designed, Beverly Hills Hilltop as a one-of-a-kind experience with a infinity wet deck that seamlessly finishes into a pool.  Berchtold Harris also updated the kitchen with a signature design in order to take advantage of the panoramic view.  These BH signature-style designs were created exclusively to increase property value and allow property owners to increase the rent from $20,000 per month to over $60,000 per month.