Berchtold Harris is a full service design firm achieving dramatic results in both residential & commercial design

Our philosphy is a simple approach that takes us back to the time when business was done on a honest handshake and that promises came from the heart and a personal promise meant everything.  Our success is measured by how well we listen to our client; how well we surpassed their expectations and that we hit each timeline and budget target. It is our personal promise; our handshake, that brings the purpose to our business.

We specialize in designing eye-catching interiors, tranquil and captivating landscape and hardscape environments. 

Berchtold Harris achieves the most dramatic results in home remodeling design and new home building. We will explore all possibilities available. Julie Berchtold and Samantha Harris have an intensely accurate intuition that is utilized in their design, creating environments that appeals to ones personal style and desires to elevate one's living expectations. Berchtold Harris suggest ideas outside of the box, yet sensible, helping clients explore their unique creative instincts.

Berchtold Harris creates one-of-a-kind investment properties & opportunities across the world.

We uncover development opportunities in unique ways. It could be the owner of a small house on top of a large view lot that calls us and asks for advice on how to develop the land in order to take advantage of the huge profit potential. Or, it could be the real estate agent who needs a 3-dimensional concept drawn in order to help sell their listing.

Berchtold Harris's design sensibility encapsulates your vision into the overall design execution & process.

Creating an overall design aesthetic should be the primary step when beginning a remodel or new construction project. With Berchtold Harris's design sensibility, you are guaranteed to have your vision and design woven into the entire building process because they control the design standards being fed into the architectural and enginerring drawings. And, because Berchtold Harris manages the day-to-day building process, they can ensure that no detail of your vision is forgotten and that each step is exact and on time.

We create and make beautiful, harmonious, designer furniture that reflect the personalities of our investment properties.

We design and make custom furniture for both residential and commercial properties. We offer high quality products, custom wood, metals and upholstery choices. We're confident in our ability to bring our boutique, custom quality to our investment partners.