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Custom Made Furniture

Our custom furniture and interior design business was borne out of happenstance. We were in the middle of designing and building a Trousedale Estate property in Beverly Hills for a couple that was having us transform their outdated home of more than forty years into a more stylish and current home. (See photo gallery under Trousedale). As the new home was taking shape, they realized they needed a new interior that would more closely mirror their vision. Since they had not originally imagined outgrowing their comfortable furniture, they had not budgeted for the expense.

We offered to help.

In order to save money on retail, and even trade shopping for that matter, we set out to design and build the furniture ourselves. With Samantha’s illustrious and sophisticated upbringing in England and the South of France and her passion to design furniture with finesse along with a touch of attitude, she was up for the challenge.

We started with a budget and worked backwards. We avoided some of the overpriced shops in West Hollywood and headed to the Garment District in downtown Los Angeles where we discovered gorgeous fabric textures and colors for half the price. We discovered a magical upholster and made our way to his warehouse where we set up shop.

Since then, we have created some of the most unique pieces of furniture that bear our namesake, Berchtold Harris. By designing and manufacturing our own furniture, we are avoiding many of the middlemen costs and therefore, able to save money for our clients.