Meet Julie Berchtold & Samantha Harris

Julie Berchtold
Partner, Design & Operations

Samantha Harris
Partner, Architecture & Design

Samantha grew up in england and the south of france and with her dad who owned an antique shop in St. Tropez, they would often search the countryside together for antiques.  Samantha's focus was on 17th and 18th century French.  From this springboard, she came to Los Angeles and opened three antique shops on Melrose Place when she was 20.  Often, the top designers in Los Angles would come into the stores asking if the owner was around not believing someone so young could own their own antique store, let alone know so much about antiques and be such a strong business person.

She soon was asked by her shop clients to design and build their homes and offices.  This is where she began to buy and fix up her own homes.

Julie spent much of her career as an entrepreneur after playing on a division 1 full ride college basketball scholarship at Saint Mary's College of California, a private, coeducational college east of San Francisco. After graduation, she focused her sites on competitive start up companies, helping them sell or go public.  On the side, she honed in on her true calling and bought her first fixer flip when she was 25.  

Independent of one another, Julie and Samantha soon established a reputation in design and build because their homes sold immediately following their completion.  They followed parallel paths while developing a  knack for having a finger on the pulse of purchasing trends.  They often found their own homes to purchase in neighborhoods on the verge of up and coming.  

They joined forces nine years ago.

Samantha and Julie are self-taught designers and believe that how they create is genuine and based on instincts.

The mission of our company is to bring our influence and design to each stage of the building process.  We are a design+build team and we literally have a say in every decision from finding a location of a project, developing architectural plans to seeing the construction through the city for approvals to landscape and furniture design.  We even design and manufacture our own furniture to fit a space more perfectly.  We are completely hand's on so that we can make sure the end result has our BH stamp of approval.